Easy Envelope with heart. Ideas for gift. Origami envelope.

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    Money envelope.

    Here's a really useful (and easy!) tutorial showing you how to make Origami Heart Box Envelope with Secret Message .

    The author of this envelope is Erik Strand.

    สอนพับซองจดหมาย (ไม่ติดสก็อตเทป ไม่ติดกาว)
    Very easy tutorial for kids.
    You can Make An Envelope Without Glue Or Tape .

    In addition to being simple to make, it can also be used as a gift envelope or greeting card for St Valentine's day , for Easter, Christmas, Woman's day, Mother's day, etc
    This envelope is one of great origami Ideas for holiday and celebration.

    Como hacer un sobre.

    Origami Heart-Box -Corazón.

    Sobre con flor

    Подарочный конверт c сердечком или конверт сердечко.

    Оригами конверт с сердечком.

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