Daily Origami: 635 - Book

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    How to make an origami book.
    Origami: Book
    Designed By: Dave Brill
    Made By: Heather
    Today's origami lesson is six hundred and thirty-five in the series.

    Today I will share with you a really wonderful origami that I have personally loved for years.

    This is a book that has a defined cover and blank pages inside.

    (for book)
    10 x 10 cm (1 sheet)
    Dave Brill has granted permission for use of his design.
    Dave Brill's Website: http://www.brilliantorigami.com/Home.html
    Design found in this book: 暮らしの折り紙雑貨―折る・使う・贈る・飾る (ISBN-13: 978-4816337925)
    Buy the book here: http://amzn.to/VjAl3J
    Other great books by Dave Brill: http://amzn.to/V6u2xz
    Make a bookcase for the book:http://youtu.be/r8EzJ4SI2dA

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