"Prayer" - Wall Mounted Papercraft

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    At age 23 I was trapped in a very dark stage in my life, feeling broken, depressed, mislead, and without a single sense of purpose.

    Then, as destiny would have it, I met a girl, who I am proudly married to today.

    She told me about God, about faith and gave me the single most important advice I still value to this day, "If you take one step towards God, he will take ten towards you".

    Without seeing a better solution I began my slow walk towards God in prayer.

    Since then, God has revealed himself to me in more ways that I could have imagined.

    He gave me healing, comfort, joy, love, and helped me to discover my purpose in life.

    This artwork celebrates the power of prayer, with nearly 1,000 individual prayers which make up the hands.

    It is my personal testament that God is always listening and waiting to answer the prayers of a person who is willing to follow his will.

    For more on this and my other artworks, visit http://www.visualspicer.com .


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