Top 10 Most Complex Origami Ever! - 2015

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    Update! 02/06/15 - I finally got my hands on the CP for the Witch Girl which wasnt included in the vide because i couldnt find it :), here is the link, 64x64 grid.

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    I just hit 1.5 million total views, so i wanted to do something a little special! :D

    The 10 models in this video are what i consider to be extremely complex models.

    Why?, because there are NO diagrams for any of these models as far as i know of, only crease patterns (CPs).

    Each crease pattern holds its own difficulty, containing complex, almost impossible folding sequences and moves, most do not fold flat during the collapsing process, which is something i would prefer to avoid if i could.

    But in order to get better and to learn more, you need to push yourself, attempt more difficult folds and just be confident in yourself.

    I wasn't confident when folding the bodybuilder, but when i did a test fold of it and was able to collapse it (, i was happy, very happy, that boosted my confidence alot and it is the same with the Tow Mater, I'm doing the test fold right now, slowly taking my time and working through it.


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