Paper Origami Basket with Handle Instructions

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    How to make an origami basket with handle instructions from sheet of printing paper (A4 or Letter).

    You can use this paper basket as Easter decoration, picnic with kids, or just for fun.

    - One sheet of printing paper (A4 or Letter) or two square pieces of paper.
    - scissors
    - 9 minutes free time

    How to write origami basket in different languages:
    Arabic: سلة أوريغامي
    Bulgarian: Оригами кошница
    Catalan: Cistella origami
    Chinese Simplified: 折纸篮子
    Chinese Traditional: 折紙籃子
    Czech: Origami koš
    Danish: Origami kurv
    Dutch: Origami mand
    Estonian: Origami korv
    Finnish: Origami kori
    French: origami Panier
    German: Origami-Korb
    Greek: Origami καλάθι
    Haitian Creole: Panyen an origami
    Hebrew: סל אוריגמי
    Hmong Daw: Origami pob tawb
    Hungarian: Origami kosár
    Indonesian: Origami Keranjang
    Italian: Cestino origami
    Japanese: 折り紙のバスケット
    Korean: 종이 접기 바구니
    Latvian: Origami grozu
    Lithuanian: Origami krepšelis
    Malay: Bakul origami
    Maltese: Origami qoffa
    Norwegian: Origami kurv
    Persian: اریگامی سبد خرید
    Portuguese: Cesta de origami
    Romanian: Cosul de origami
    Russian: Корзинка оригами
    Slovak: Origami Kôš
    Slovenian: Košaro origami
    Spanish: Origami de la cesta
    Swedish: Origami korg
    Thai: ตะกร้าพับ
    Turkish: Origami sepeti
    Ukrainian: Орігамі кошик
    Vietnamese: Giỏ origami
    Welsh: Basged origami

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