Easy Origami Owl Instructions

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    How to make an easy origami owl video instructions.
    Difficulty: Easy

    What you need:
    - Square piece of paper
    - Scissors
    - 6 minutes free time :)

    Design by Traditional Origami
    Made by Ventsislav Vasilev

    The owl is another symbolic animal with various interpretations in history, religion and mythology.

    The owl is associated with the Greek goddess Athens, a symbol of wisdom and wealth.

    In other cultures, the owl is associated with the occult, with magic and the connection with the night, it is known as the witches' companion -- their partner with secret magical powers of the night.
    One of the most common symbols of the owl today is education and graduation.

    This owl origami will make a perfect symbolic present for your child or graduating friend.

    It can be given as a token of appreciation for your professor, teacher or other mentor.
    When made from napkins, it can be the perfect decoration for events ranging from your kid's first-grade party to a graduation party for example.

    In addition, this figure can be a beautiful accessory for all kinds of kids' parties because of the strong magical symbolism and associations with sorcery it implies, following many famous films and books.
    The wise old owl is an appropriate gift for people of all ages.

    Find out below the origami duck in different languages:
    Arabic: أوريغامي البومه
    Bulgarian: оригами бухал
    Catalan: Origami Mussol
    Chinese Traditional: 折紙貓頭鷹
    Czech: Origami sova
    Danish: Origami ugle
    Dutch: Origami uil
    Estonian: Origami ÖÖKULL
    Finnish: Origami PÖLLÖ
    Greek: Origami κουκουβάγια
    Hebrew: אוריגמי ינשוף
    Hungarian: Origami bagoly
    Italian: Origami gufo
    Japanese: 折り紙フクロウ
    Korean: 올빼미 종이 접기
    Latvian: Origami PŪCE
    Lithuanian: Origami PELĖDA
    Malay: Origami burung hantu
    Norwegian: Origami ugle
    Persian: اریگامی بوف
    Polish: Origami sowa
    Portuguese: Origami coruja
    Romanian: Origami bufnita
    Russian: Оригами сова
    Slovak: Origami SOVA
    Slovenian: Origami sova
    Spanish: Origami búho
    Swedish: Origami Uggla
    Thai: พับนกเค้าแมว
    Ukrainian: Орігамі СОВИ

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