How to Make an Origami Gift Box (Intermediate)

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    In this tutorial, I will explain step-by-step how to create the origami gift box (designed by Marc Vigo Anglada in 1996).

    It is perfect for a personalized present or holiday gift :-D

    We must first have a square piece of paper.

    I will be using printer paper, but if you have origami paper, that will be fine as well.

    We will first create folds which will outline the size of the box and also the height.

    Then, we must create the four corners of the box by locking the sides of the box together.

    I explain in detail the procedure for locking one corner of the box and then you may do the remaining 3 corners.

    After all of the corners of the box are locked, we must then fold the flaps of the box so that we may interlock them.

    Then, put your gift inside the box and give it to whoever you like!

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