DIY Wall Decor Ideas : Quilling & Kanzashi Wall Hanging | Handmade Decoration Ideas

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    #DIYRoomDecorIdeas : DIY Wall Hangings are very popular among crafters.

    Many people love to make Handmade Wall Décors and hang them on the walls on their drawing rooms or bedrooms.

    This not only helps them display their craft skills but it enhances the beauty of the house as well.

    In StylEnrich channel we regularly share innovative Quilling Ideas,

    DIY Home décor ideas, teach the technique of how to quill paper and much more.

    Our Paper Quilling Tutorials are handy for all including the beginners to expert crafters.

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    You need very simple and easily available materials to make this beautiful handmade wall hanging craft.

    This include Quilling Stripes of various colors, Cardboard, Scissors, Quilling Needle, Pencil, Ruler, Craft Glue, Satin Ribbon, Decorative Pearls, Lighter, Tweezer, Plain Paper, Adhesive and Glue Gun.

    These things are easily available at home or in any nearby stationary shop.

    If not, then you can search them online as well.

    This makes it a really cheap wall decor idea, isn’t it?

    Out of all the Wall Décor Ideas this craft is easier due to the simplicity of the design.

    The process of making this craft is very simple and only demands time and patience.

    You need to make the leaf shaped quilling patterns first.

    Make them with blue and pink quilling stripe.

    Next make handful of quilling coils using yellow and blue stripes, the way it is shown in the video.

    Apply some glue on it to make it firm and appear glossy.

    Draw and cut a circle on a cardboard to form a base.

    Cut an equal sized white paper to stick on it.

    This will form the base of your craft.

    Next draw a smaller circle on this white base and paste the leaf shaped coils around it.

    Once this is done you need to make a solid circular shape with quilling stripes and fix it around the inner side of the leaves.

    Stick those yellow-blue quilling coils inside in a circular format.

    Make another thick circular strip and fix inside this craft to give it the inner boundary.

    After that we will make satin leaves using 2cm by 2cm piece of satin stripe and tweezer.

    Make multiple leaves and fix them inside this craft in circular format using glue gun.

    Its time to decorate the center with the help of a large bead.

    So fix a large bead at the center using glue gun.

    Your handmade wall decoration is almost ready.

    Just a little bit finishing needs to be given using small beads and perls.

    As shown in the video, stick the pearls and beads in the leaves and on top of the coils.

    Finally your adorable Wall Hanging Décor Craft is ready.

    Hang this craft on your drawing rooms wall so that it attracts every guest’s attention and you win all but praises.

    Hope you love our diy room decor ideas.

    Stay tuned for further similar DIY home decorating ideas.

    Happy Crafting!

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