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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    Hey! :D I am so glad to start making videos again..

    :*} thank you guys so much for being patient and understanding.

    ♥ Soooo...

    in this video I will show you my origami supply book, explain some basics and show you my kirigami (pop art).


    Description: Origami(paper folding), Kusudama(paper sphere), 3D origami( paper sculpture made out of multiple modules), Kirigami(pop up 3D cut outs)
    Kusudamas website: http://www.kusudama.me
    Gentlewhispering website: http://www.gentlewhispering.com
    Nailpolish: Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle #170 Loyal Lavender ;)
    this recording is copyrighted 2012 by GentleWhispering, all rights reserved

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