Origami Marble Maze

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    [Intermediate] Tutorial for how to fold a free-standing Marble Maze from a single square of paper no cuts.

    It works with marbles, ball bearings, or perfectly spherical beads.

    If you don't have any little spherical balls you could use water instead, pouring it onto the slide using a measuring cup (works best if you fold the model from origami foil!)

    Although I in show how to collapse the model flat, in my opinion, it looks a little bit cleaner (fewer extra creases) if you don't collapse it and, furthermore, collapsing it is hardest part of the tutorial!

    Here's a Marble Maze game you can play with your friends.

    The object of the game is to see how many marbles you can get onto the Marble Maze before the first one reaches the bottom and without getting them stuck.

    It's all about timing.

    If you let the next marble onto the maze too soon, it will hit the marble in front of it and get stuck.

    Each marble that makes it safely to the bottom is one point.

    You could play 5 or 10 rounds taking turns rolling as many marbles as you can safely down the slide.

    Then add up the points and whoever's score is highest wins.

    You could also play the game by yourself -- See how many marbles you can safely get down the slide in 5 tries.

    This tutorial is intermediate, which means that unless you have a fair amount of experience folding, you will probably find it difficult.

    If you find I am going too fast, try using YouTube's slow motion feature.

    I know it works at least on the web browser Google Chrome which I think you can download for free on google.com .

    To use the slow motion feature, press the little gear icon at the bottom right of the video screen, click on 'normal' and then click on the speed .5 or .75.

    The cool part is that the pitch of the voice stays the same with .75 even though the video is slower.

    With .5 speed, the sound doesn't work.

    Hope that helps.

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