How to Make a Turtle | Origami

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

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    This is a video for an origami turtle.

    Let me give you an example of one right there.

    That's what we're going for.

    Grab a sheet of paper.

    We're going to start with the colored side up and we're going to make a book fold.

    So take the bottom edge, fold it all the way up to the top edge of the paper.

    Make sure it lines up nice, so that there's no extra color showing.

    Just get it right up on top, and when it's right up on top, just squish it down and flatten that out.

    And we're going to open this up and do another book fold, so both of the book folds.

    And when you're done with those you'll have a nice cross right there in the middle; a nice plus sign.

    Now flip the paper over and we're going to do a diagonal fold.

    So the diagonal fold is going to come from the bottom point up to the top point.

    Just like this.

    And again we want to be as precise and as accurate as we can.

    Hold in place, slide my finger down, and then go out to the edges, like that.

    And that's one diagonal fold.

    Open it up and now we're going to do the other diagonal fold.

    So again, nice and accurate, we're going to fold that over.

    And go ahead and leave that last diagonal fold and squish it down.

    So go ahead and take that, pick up the paper like this.

    And I'll show you where to put your fingers.

    We're going to pinch right here, just below this line right here on both sides.

    Put both my fingers right there and I'll show you.

    We're going to rotate the paper up, just like this.

    And see how it makes this little flower figure almost? This is a water bomb base.

    Where all of these points are going to meet and then we're going to flatten the paper down and it's going to make this four sided pyramid figure.

    And this is called the water bomb base.

    And once we have that, and to make this water bomb base, we're not going to change any of the folds.

    We're going to use the folds we already have, we're just repositioning them in a new way to collapse down into this base.

    Once we have this we're going to take one corner on the left hand side and we're going to fold that up to the top.

    Make sure that you don't take both corners, there's two there, just take one corner.

    We're going to do that on the left hand side and we're also going to do that on the right hand side.

    So both of those are going to go up and touch the top.

    Once you do that, go ahead and unfold those two and fold the top point down all the way to touch the edge of the bottom of the paper, like that.

    So those three folds, we're going to unfold all of those and what that does is that's going to make a little spot here for what's called a petal fold.

    A petal fold is where we're going to pick up one sheet of paper, one flap, there's a couple of different flaps under here, we're just going to take the top layer and we're going to fold it up right along this edge of this crease right here where we folded back down.

    That's the crease that we're going to follow; that we're going to fold that up.

    When we fold that up these two flaps pop up and we want to fold them down so that they go and they land right here, on that spot.

    So when this goes up, you see how I'm going to take this corner and put it right on that spot.

    Same thing over here, this is going to flatten down and bring that corner right down to that spot.

    That is a petal fold.

    I'll show you right there how it starts, like this.

    We pick it up and these all flatten down like that.

    Now, we're going to flip the paper over and do the exact same thing on this side.

    So start at the beginning, we're going to fold up this flap and this flap.

    Unfold them, go ahead and fold one flap back down again.

    There's two flaps there now.

    And then I'm going to take the top flap, pick it up, bring it all the way down so that those two points match and flatten it down like that.

    So I've done this now on both sides.


    Now we're going to take this flap that we just put down on that spot.

    I'm going to take it, I'm going to pick it up and I'm going to bring it all the way up to the top of the model.

    And when that happens, when I pick this up, use this mountain fold right here that's along this line, when I pick it up there's going to be a little squash that happens.

    You see how this paper is going to push in and flatten down, just like that? And that's what we want, so we want that to happen on this side as well.

    I'm going to pick this up and a

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