Paper Crane: How to make a Paper Crane. Easy Origami Crane tutorial, by OrigamiCalm.

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Origami Video Tutorials

    Paper crane tutorial: Easy, quick instructions on how to make a paper crane, or origami crane.

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    These are fun and relaxing to make, and people love receiving them as gifts.

    You can decorate them, add messages on them, make them into mobiles, jewellery, etc

    Paper cranes are symbols for peace, healing and hope.

    They can be made as a meditative or prayerful gesture for other people or for ourselves.

    Top tip for folding them is to leave a small gap, as shown in the video.

    It makes them come out well, especially if you want to make small paper cranes, or if you are using thick paper such as Japanese washi paper.

    Keep calm and have fun making paper cranes :)

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