Papercraft cutting machines used for stained glass

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    23:05 MONTAGE of stained glass process for those unfamiliar.
    1:10 Download Inkscape
    2:44 Set your inset to 1/2 of desired pattern shear width
    3:30 Import source image from internet
    4:07 Tracing a source image in Inkscape
    5:20 Format fill tool (match grows/shrink to line width, close gaps)
    7:00 Text or numbers on a pattern that will export to your cutter
    8:48 Prepping your Inkscape image for drawing directly onto glass
    9:40 Moving, rotating, editing points in Inkscape
    11:00 Exporting to a DXF file type
    11:42 Opening and sizing DXF in Silhouette Studio software
    13:47 Loading glass into Silhouette Curio cutting machine
    14:07 Setting up a felt tip pen for drawing on glass
    14:54 Setting up the Curio bases to match glass thickness
    16:03 Example of a good marker line on glass
    17:20 Prepping Inkscape image for cutting sticky-backed vinyl pattern
    21:40 Loading sticky backed vinyl into the Curio
    22:26 Re-positioning vinyl on glass
    23:05 MONTAGE (the end)

    I demonstrate the Silhouette Curio machine and Inkscape program to speed up the stained glass process for those who cut glass by hand! This process is also great for glass etching stencils and fusing dichro film.

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