TOP 3 easy origami flower tutorials - How to make origami flowers

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    TOP 3 easy origami flower tutorials - How to make origami flowers
    This is a guide on how to make an easy origami flower!
    If you are looking for a site for origami flower, this is definitely it!
    You should have all heard and seen a lot of easy origami flower, origami rose, etc.

    So, let us learn how to make beautyful flower from paper.

    - Origami Level: Beginner
    - What do you need?
    o 15 * 15 cm origami paper (a square printing paper is ok too)
    o No glue, no scissor
    o A little perseverance
    o Watching carefully my instruction clip of making a great flower origami :P

    I need about 10 minutes to complete a paper flower – not too long.

    However, if you are on beginner level, you will need a bit longer.

    Don’t give up!

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    Notice: in this origami instruction video, we have subtitles in English (US), Español, Francés, Deutsch, العربية, Português.

    Please turn it on!

    How does your paper flower look? Let's share it now!
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