DIY Quilling : How to Make Paper Quilling Earrings | Handmade Paper Jewelery

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    In this tutorial we will show you how to make a beautiful DIY Paper Quilling Earring Jewelery.

    Paper Jewelery is something that is fun to make and looks stylish after wearing.

    People often get amazed when they realise that the adorable piece of Earring that you are wearing is actually made up of perishable thing like paper! Nevertheless you win applauds and praises for your craft skills when you tell that you yourself have made this creative art piece.

    Here’s the step-by-step process of making this DIY paper jewellery.

    Take three long strings of quilling stripes and join them together to form a very long single paper strip.

    Now take some cylindrical object and roll this stripe around it to form a circular shaped outer part of the earring.

    Lets move onto making inner decorative components.

    If you look closely at the inner creative pieces you will observe they are also made up of the quilled paper rolls.

    You need a quilling needle for this.

    Take a quilling stripe and make tightly quilled rolls.

    Once you finish making multiple multi-colored tightly quilled rolls fix them inside the main ring that we just made.

    Do this carefully.

    Afterall this intricate design puts life in the craft.

    Lastly attach the ‘S’ hook at the top of this earring and your beautiful earring is ready!

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    Happy Kids Crafting !

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