Paper Saw Blades- paper cuts paper- centrifugal force // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Paper Cutting Video Tutorials

    Can a saw blade made out paper cut through a sheet paper? It can if it's spinning fast enough.

    Circles of paper are mounted onto a Dremel type tool and then are tested to see if they can cut paper, cardboard foam cups, even thin strips of wood.

    However, don't look to replace your steel saw blades with these anytime soon, these will disintegrate after a few uses, after all, they are just paper.

    The demonstration relies of the concept of "centrifugal force" to keep the paper blade rigid enough that it can cut through several soft materials, somewhat like the spinning string on the bottom of a grass trimer.

    The concepts of inertia, centripetal, and centrifugal forces be easily researched and explained on many science websites or here on youtube for a more thorough explanation.

    One further note on safety: I recognize that using the table saw without the guard down is dangerous, it was left up for visual purposes of making the video.

    My standard procedure is normally to use all safety measures available when using power tools.

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