Christmas Origami Instructions: Pelleas Box (Peter Keller) 17:29

Christmas Origami Instructions: Pelleas Box (Peter Keller)

Paper used in this video: A4 sheet of printer paper (29.7cm by 21.0cm // 11.7 in by 8 1/4 in)
Finished model: diameter of 9.5cm (3 3/4 in), height of 4cm (1 1/2 in)


Papercraft paper quilling peacock 46:45

Papercraft paper quilling peacock

Watch Papercraft paper quilling peacock [Author: Helen Keller]

Cr7z - Origami 04:58

Cr7z - Origami


Cr7z Exclusive: Origami
Instrumental: Demitrean
Singer: Lauren Aquilina
Mixing: Nifi


Cr7z zu finden auf:

Quilling canvas + quote #1 (speed video) 03:54

Quilling canvas + quote #1 (speed video)

New quilling canvas commission with a quote. I will try to translate in english: "Keep your sight turned into the sun and you will never see shadows anymore" (o

Origami - Kurzfilm 04:06

Origami - Kurzfilm

Der Origami Kranich, in Japan das Symbol für ein langes erfülltes Leben. Doch etwas fehlt in Gregors Leben. Ein Mädchen namens Marliese, welche


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