Papercraft Island Fishing 06:08

Papercraft Island Fishing

Watch Papercraft Island Fishing [Author: Chris Ritson] Island Fishing (loop) relates to the Hawaiian creation myth, in which the coral polyp is the first creature to eme

Papercraft Paper Titanic model 00:03

Papercraft Paper Titanic model

Watch Papercraft Paper Titanic model [Author: alexis2012ful] New video http://youtu.be/baSs4N5qL_U As the anniversary for the great RMS Titanic i made this video it may

How to cut paper really quickly - Origami Tip #3 00:30

How to cut paper really quickly - Origami Tip #3

Origami Tip #3 - How to cut paper REALLY QUICKLY!
You can also use dental floss if you don't have nylon fishing line
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