UTAU - Chibi Sora Yasu Free Papercraft Download

UTAU - Chibi Sora Yasu Free Papercraft Download


UTAU - Chibi Sora Yasu Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper craft is a  Sora Yasu, a strange guy, that's for sure, based on the singing synthesizer application , the papercraft is created by desu. He's a bit on the shy side, usually sitting out of conversations and waiting until people talk to him before he speaks up.

Some think he hides his eyes under his hair /because/ he's shy but really, it's more of a fashion thing. Though recently, as his hair grows, he's been putting it up in ponytails and parting it to the side to show off at least one eye. He seems a bit of an anti-social jerk, being so quiet all of the time, but once he's comfortable around you, his true colors show. Really, he's a huge sweetheart, and a bit of a dork.

He likes really bad puns and pulling terrible jokes on people, and sometimes he likes to try to pull of magic tricks to impress others; But he ends up messing those up. He's extremely protective of those close to him, and he'd throw himself in front of a bus if it meant saving them. He's a little clingy to people, so he really tries hard to keep the relationships he has. He even acts a bit distant when he's in relationships at first, because he's scared his real personality would throw his significant other off and cause them to leave him.

You can download the paper craft toy here: UTAU - Chibi Sora Yasu Free Papercraft Download