USS Mendota Gunboat Free Paper Model Download


USS Mendota Gunboat Free Paper Model DownloadThis ship paper model is the USS Mendota, designed by Magnus Mörck. The scale of this ship papercraft is 1:250. USS Mendota (1863) was a steamer built for the Union Navy during the American Civil War. With her heavy guns, she was planned by the Union Navy for use as a bombardment gunboat, but also as a gunboat stationed off Confederate waterways to prevent their trading with foreign countries.

Mendota, a sidewheel gunboat, was launched 13 January 1863 by F. Z. Tucker, Brooklyn, New York; acquired by the Navy 1 February 1864; and commissioned 2 May 1864, Comdr. E. T. Nichols in command.

You can download this gunboat paper model from here: USS Mendota Gunboat Free Paper Model Download


  1. I´d been a building model ships for over 20 years in many basic materials.but I finaly stacked at cardboard AND PAPER.I WOULD APPRECIATE ADVICE AND MODEL IDEAS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM ALL OVER.THANK YOU..