Unreal - Skaarj Papercrafts Free Templates Download

Unreal - Skaarj Papercrafts Free Templates Download


Unreal - Skaarj Papercrafts Free Templates DownloadThese papercrafts are Skaarj, a War-like reptilian race seen in the first-person shooter video game Unreal and Unreal II: The Awakening, the paper models are created by Metalfist.

They are a violent species from the planet Skrath. Each clan of Skaarj is headed by a Queen or Warlord.

The Skaarj's goal is to conquer the universe. As a species, the Skaarj believe that their race is superior than any other. They are 7 to 9 foot tall lizard-like creatures that weigh around 385 lbs. The colour of their scales range from light or dark green to blue or yellow.

The Skaarj have only conquered one known planet, and that is Na Pali. They enslaved the Nali to do their biddings, such as mining in the Rrajigar Mines for Tyradium Shards. It is possible that they are planning to take over Earth. They have highly notable levels of hostility towards the humans, as they have strong disdain towards other "inferior" species in the galaxy. As such, every human that they see will cause them to rush towards the intruder, no matter what the consequence. For more information please click here.

You can download these paper model templates here: Unreal - Skaarj Papercrafts Free Templates Download