Undertale - Lesser Dog Free Papercraft Download

Undertale - Lesser Dog Free Papercraft Download


Undertale - Lesser Dog Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Lesser Dog, a monster the protagonist encounters in Snowdin Forest, from the role-playing video game Undertale, the paper model is created by Antyyy.

Lesser Dog is later found as an NPC in Grillby's. It is a member of theRoyal Guard. Like several other dog characters, Lesser Dog becomes overexcited from physical attention. It is capable of extending its neck at a seemingly limitless rate when stimulated by being pet.

Lesser Dog appears to enjoy spending its time off sentry duty by playing card games against itself at Grillby's. However, judging by its systematic failure even against itself, it may not be good at the game.

Interestingly, Lesser Dog is never mentioned by the other guard dogs. Killing him provokes no reaction from the other dogs at Grillby's. In turn, if Lesser Dog is the only guard dog left, how he acts at Grillby's does not change.

You can download this papercraft template here: Undertale - Lesser Dog Free Papercraft Download