Ultraman - Garamon Free Papercraft Download

Ultraman - Garamon Free Papercraft Download


Ultraman - Garamon Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Garamon, based on the anime series Ultraman, the paper model is created by godzillu. Garamon is a fictional robot from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultra Q. Garamon appeared in Episodes 13-16.

A biological weapon created by Cicada Man, Garamon arrived to Earth in a radioactive meteor that landed in the middle of a large lake. Shortly after the impact of the meteor, the lake overloaded a dam and all of the lake's water destroyed a small town and a bridge nearby. Once the water was gone Garamon emerged from his meteor. He then proceeded to scout out the area. Shortly after doing so, Garamon started to destroy the dam that managed to survive the tidal wave. However, once a small meteor found earlier that day was soon contained and unable to emit it's radiation, Garamon vomited a little blood and died.

Summoned by Cicada Man, Garamon II was summoned from space to wreak havoc in Tokyo with another one following it. Both Garamon II & III began to destroy Tokyo with wanton destruction and proceeded to destroy Tokyo Tower until a special foil was used to cover up the control meteor. Without the signal, both Garamons coughed up blood and quickly died.

You can download this paper craft template here: Ultraman - Garamon Free Papercraft Download