Typical Intro Stuff

Typical Intro Stuff


Hey everyone – my name is Jane, and I hail from the lovely state of Oregon. Ron has invited me to join the Paperkraft blog so I can share some of my paper skills with you reader types. :) Sorry for the late introduction – it figures that I’d be called out of town for work as soon as I agreed to contribute to a blog!

I’ve been doing origami since I was in pre-school, and over the years I’ve managed to become pretty good at it. Until recently it’s the only kind of “papercrafting” I was really involved in. A few years ago while trolling through the internet for more origami diagrams, I came across the Canon Papercraft page. The papercraft projects they had looked cool, but I didn’t have my own printer (or any access to a color printer, being a poor student). A few months ago I came across the Canon site again, along with the Readymech website. Finding myself in the possession of a color printer (not to mention having some cardstock lying around the house), I quickly pasted up a veritable army of Readymechs. At that point I felt ready to try something more serious, and wound up making a box and a pop-up card from the Canon website. This papercraft stuff is addicting!

Around the time Ron posted his request for another writer on the paperkraft blog, I was knee deep in constructing the Jaguar E-Type model, and decided that I’d submit an e-mail to Ron, freshly bitten by the papercraft bug as I was. So here I am – hopefully now I can get the Jaguar finished off without any more interruptions...

Now that your eyes are burning from too many words (I promise less next time), here are some soothing pictures of some of my Origami projects (better ones to come), as well as a photo of one the Readymechs I made. I’ll post the Jaguar as soon as it's done!

1.) Batboxes; 2.) Star of Peace; 3.)Unit Origami Ball; 4.)Kusudama Ball; 5.)Tentaclops Readymech

Thanks again to Ron for having me on the blog – feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions! :)