Twisted Metal - Life Size Needles Kane's Mask Papercraft Free Download

Twisted Metal - Life Size Needles Kane's Mask Papercraft Free Download


Twisted Metal - Needles Kane's Mask Papercraft Free DownloadThis mask papercraft is belong to Needles Kane, based on the game series "Twisted Metal". The paper model is created by Juke. It is a life size paper model, you can use it during the Halloween, or cosplay party. Needles Kane is the series' trademark character, notable for his flaming head, and has appeared in every Twisted Metal game to-date. He has had many different looks, the first of which he has green hair and face paint, then he transitioned to the trademark flaming hair. He then proceeded to wear a mask strapped onto his face, which first appeared in Twisted Metal: Black. He is also the leader of The Clowns, a playable faction in Twisted Metal.

Often referred to as Sweet Tooth, Needles Kane is an insane killer clown who drives an ice cream truck. His face is seen on the cover of every Twisted Metal game to date. His character has gone through many different designs and versions. He also has the most ties with other characters in the series.

Needles Kane makes his first appearance in the original Twisted Metal. Seen lacking his trademark flaming head and his serial killer personality, Needles in his first appearance is decidely more tame than in future installments, his only premise being an escaped mental patient. He is portrayed by live-action actor Bob Goodens.

Known as the most twisted character in Twisted Metal, he is the very embodiment of hate and destruction on an epic scale. Each intepretation differs from each game, but he has kept a consistant image through out the series, being the poster mayhem icon for the series theme. Needles is truly evil, and thinks nothing of anything but the joy and desire of death and chaos. His character in Black and the 2012 reboot are his most famous incarnations of Sweet Tooth. A serial killer who uses a ice cream truck and demented clown theme to perform mass genocide on innocent people or fellow contestants. His mask is a part of his evil motives as he made it as a escape from his alter ego Marcus. Sweet Tooth is also the most colorful character, he dresses like a circus clown and has a colorful vehicle with designs that match that of a local circus clown. He prides himself in being the best serial killer of all time and will stop at nothing to make sure his title remains intact. In some incarnations he has a great love for ice cream and frozen treats, he keeps these in the back of his ice cream truck along with his various killing weapons and the bodies of his unfortunate victims.

Twisted Metal is a series of vehicular combat video games published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and developed by various companies during its tenure. The series began on the PlayStation in 1995 and currently features eight games. It is the 162nd best-selling video game franchise, selling over 7 million copies of Twisted Metal: Black in North America alone, and at least 15 million copies total.

It is the longest-running PlayStation-exclusive franchise with a total of seventeen years running from 1995 to present; the second-longest being the Gran Turismo series, which has spanned fourteen years. Seven games of the series were re-released as part of the Sony Greatest Hits program.

In concept, Twisted Metal is a demolition derby that permits the usage of ballistic projectiles, machine guns, mines, and other types of weapons. Players choose a vehicle, and an arena - or a series of arenas in the story mode - to engage in battle with opposing drivers. A variety of weapons and upgrades are obtainable by pick-ups scattered throughout the stage. The last driver alive is the winner.

Although each individual game features its own storyline, they all revolve around the eponymous "Twisted Metal": a vehicular combat tournament hosted once a year. In almost all of the games, the host is a man called "Calypso"; however, in the series' fourth installment, perennial contestant Sweet Tooth briefly takes over. The general goal is to destroy all opponents; apart from the other contestants, unique vehicles seemingly designed by the host themselves may stand in the competitors' path. The winner is brought before the tournament host, who will grant the contestant a single wish.

The hosts of these games are the persons who are, through arcane means, capable of warping reality itself to grant the wish of the contest winner; however, there is a general "be careful what you wish for" theme in the game series, as nearly all of the winning contestants end up with "not-so-happy" endings, due to the skill and proclivity of the hosts for twisting the words of their wish around - often to deadly effect. The games in the series usually contain a healthy dose of black humor.

About the Twisted Metal paper model:
Scale: Life Size (1:1)
Pages: 5
Format: line + lineless PDO

You can download the game papercraft mask here: Twisted Metal - Life Size Needles Kane's Mask Papercraft Free Download [DropBox] [Gavitex] [pCloud]