Twenty-Twelve Free Paper Toys Download

Twenty-Twelve Free Paper Toys Download


Twenty-Twelve Free Paper Toys DownloadThese paper people are from comedy series Twenty-Twelve, the papercrafts are designed by sally. Twenty Twelve is an award-winning BBC comedy series written and directed by John Morton. Starring Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Hynes and Amelia Bullmore, the programme is a spoof on-location documentary following the organisation of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. It was first broadcast on UK television station BBC Four in March 2011 to coincide with the 500 day countdown to the opening ceremony.

Before transmission, it was reported in the media that the series had been accused of being a copy of The Games, a similar Australian sitcom about the 2000 Sydney Games, which was denied by the BBC. Twenty Twelve gained mainly positive reviews from critics and a four-part second series was announced on 15 April 2011, which began airing on 30 March 2012 on BBC Two. Another three episodes, the second part of this second series, will begin on 10 July 2012 in the run-up to the Olympic Games.

The series follows the trials of the management of the Olympic Deliverance Commission (ODC), the body tasked to organise the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Over the series, the ODC have to overcome logistical difficulties, production errors, infrastructure problems and troublesome contributors. The main character is Ian Fletcher, the Head of Deliverance, who is in overall charge of the ODC, and is generally efficient but often has to clean-up a PR disaster after the other managers make a mistake. A running thread in series one are the hints that his marriage to a high-flying lawyer is breaking down, which comes to a head in episode six. It is evident that his PA Sally is in love with him, although this remains unspoken.

Meanwhile, Siobhan Sharpe is the excitable, but ultimately clueless Head of Brand through her PR company Perfect Curve. The rest of the managers find her ideas and enthusiastic attitude tiresome, particularly Nick Jowett, Head of Contracts, a blunt Yorkshireman who generally opposes ideas without making alternative suggestions.

Kay Hope, Head of Sustainability, is in charge of sorting out what will happen to the buildings, stadia and other Olympic venues after the games. In series two a new 'Head of Legacy' is appointed and Hope is emphatic that this is something separate from Sustainability although no one makes any attempt to differentiate these two apparently identical areas. She continually mentions that she is a single mother after a bitter divorce, and is paranoid about her public image. Finally, Head of Infrastructure Graham Hitchens gives the impression that he knows everything about the London transport and traffic systems, but evidently does not.

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