Tron: Legacy - Clu's Light Cycle Free Papercraft Download

Tron: Legacy - Clu's Light Cycle Free Papercraft Download


Tron: Legacy - Clu's Light Cycle Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Clu's Light Cycle (5th-generation Light Cycle), the most common type of light cycle shown in Tron: Legacy of the Disney’s science fiction film series, the paper model was created by Disney Family. There is another version here: Tron 3D Light Cycle; and also a Kevin Flynn’s Light Cycle at the site.

The 5th-generation light cycle is the TRON: Legacy-era upgrade of the original light cycle and its design more closely resembles a real-world motorcycle. As such, it lacks the canopy sported by the 1st and 2nd-generation cycles and features headlights so that programs can easily navigate dark environments, and in contrast to every previous generation cycle, the front and rear wheels of the 5th-generation cycle are of identical size. It is powered by pure liquid energy, and the Light Ribbons it produces can be toggled on or off at any time, unlike the earlier generation Jetwalls which were constant on the Game Grid. Speed can be increased by pushing the front and rear ends of the vehicle further apart, partially exposing its engine in the process. The front wheel of this light cycle is locked forward, so steering is not done by turning the front wheel, but by tilting the cycle. When attempting certain maneuvers, a pair of small fins are shown to spring out just behind the rider, to aid either balance or braking.

Furthermore, in keeping with the cycle's more realistic redesign, programs won't automatically derezz upon crashing. While direct collisions with a light ribbon still prove fatal, the light cycle will often dissolve underneath its rider, leaving them to sustain injuries in a manner akin to a real-world accident.

5th generation light cycles are not persistent. They are generated from a baton, with the baton splitting in half and forming the light cycle between the two halves and below the rider. The remaining halves of the baton also form the handlebars of the light cycle. When creating a light cycle from a baton, the rider typically does so with a running leap to assume the necessary posture, and clearance from the ground, to allow the light cycle to form.

You can download the paper craft model here: Tron: Legacy - Clu's Light Cycle Free Papercraft Download