TRON - Full Size Identity Disc (Light Disc) Free Papercraft Download

TRON - Full Size Identity Disc (Light Disc) Free Papercraft Download


TRON - Full Size Identity Disc (Light Disc) Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a full size Identity Disc (Light Disc), the most fundamental piece of equipment to programs in both the Game Grid and in the Tron system, based on the Disney's sci-fi film series, the paper model is created by Alexey Kirillov. The size of finished model is about 250 (H) x 250 (W) x 30 (D) mm.

Identity discs contain all that a program is, in the form of a detachable glowing disc normally worn on the upper back. Everything seen, heard, or otherwise experienced is recorded on the wearer's disc.

Identity discs issued to Game Grid programs appear as solid discs with several concentric rings on the surface, glowing with their owners' circuitry color. The circuits glow more brightly when the disc is in use, and have been seen to change size or flash on and off when active. In flight, old-system discs appear as uniform circular planes of light in their owners' circuitry color, trailing comet-like tails as they fly towards their targets. Despite this appearance, they are still solid to one another, and ricochet from other discs with an audible clank.

Identity discs in the Tron system appear as solid metallic rings, hollow in the center and colored white or black to match the wearer's garb, with a glowing line circling their inner edge, again matching the circuitry color of their owners. The outer edge, when energized, flares into a brilliantly glowing nimbus of white light with a slight tint recalling the owner's circuitry color; this active edge causes faint but visible ripples in the air when moved or thrown, and the air appears to shimmer around it when held still. These discs maintain their solid appearance while in flight, and generally behave like solid metal objects. Unlike the old-system discs, which had no visible means of attachment to their owners' backs, they are fitted over circular docks which rest between the shoulders of the wearer.

Broken discs in both systems emit lightning-like discharges of energy. In the Tron system, a program whose disc has been fractured is able to survive, and the shards may contain fragments of information known to the disc's owner. The only discs currently known to have been broken, belonging to Sark and Abraxas, were broken by impacts from other discs. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper model template here: TRON - Full Size Identity Disc (Light Disc) Free Papercraft Download [BitCasa] [Box] [Gavitex]