Tron - 3D Recognizer free papercraft download

Tron - 3D Recognizer free papercraft download


Tron - 3D Recognizer free papercraft

A Recognizer is a large hovering vehicle with a central cockpit supported atop two massive pylon legs. Space inside this module is enough for several occupants, including a single pilot, who stands upright at the control console, and several additional passengers or crew. They emit a unique and ominous sound when in flight, similar to the noise of a helicopter.

Recognizers are demonstrated to operate as pursuit and attack vehicles capable of overtaking Light Tanks. They are also employed in the role of capturing fugitive programs by rotating their legs in together and initiating a 'stomp' maneuver from above. This does not harm the program, but does effect some kind of unexplained capture function.

This is a paper model. Detailed instructions provided on the printable. Download it here.