Transformers - Transformable G1 Grand Slam Free Paper Model Download


Transformers - Transformable G1 Grand Slam Free Paper Model DownloadThis transformers papercraft is a G1 Grand Slam, an aged and weary veteran of far, far too many battles, the papercraft is created by ByArt. The size of finished model (Cassette Mode) is about 16 (H) x 100 (W) x 65 (D) mm.

Grand Slam has stood witness to conflict on hundreds of worlds across the galaxy and has dedicated his existence to creating an audio record of the Autobot-Decepticon conflict with all its pain, destruction, and disharmony that he hopes will one day, Primus willing, be played on a Cybertron that is at peace, serving as only a grim reminder of the horror that once consumed their world. Grand Slam can combine with Raindance to form Slamdance.

Cybertronic Tank Mode Papercraft
Cybertronic Tank Mode

Grand Slam transforms from a red and gold microcassette into a Cybertronic tank. He has two "dual repulsors" and a "smoke ejector" as chromed kibble which are added on to make his tank mode. He was sold with Raindance, and the pair combine to form Slamdance.

Body Part of the Slamdance Papercraft
Body of the Slamdance

Transformable G1 Grand Slam Paper ModelYou can download this paper model template here: Transformers - Transformable G1 Grand Slam Free Paper Model Download [] [Box] [Gavitex] []


  1. I've just got two questions.
    1. Is Raindance going to be available as well?
    2. Is there a version that is not the v4 version of the PDO? I've been trying to find the v4 PDO reader, but I've only managed to get the v4 writer, and I have a hard time using it.

    • hello,
      1, no Raindance included:(
      2, sorry, You can only open it with pepakura v4, download it here:


  2. It's been a few months, and the tape and tank modes look awesome. Is possible for you to have the other half of the robot available?