Transformers G1 - SD Frenzy and Rumble Free Papercrafts Download

Transformers G1 - SD Frenzy and Rumble Free Papercrafts Download


SD Frenzy PapercraftHere are two SD transformers papercrafts: Frenzy and Rumble brothers, designed by lilscotty. For Frenzy it's not about any "Decepticon cause," it's not about any quantifiable cause, or goal, or purpose at all. It's about violence, fear, destruction, and mayhem. Frenzy lives to fight. He lusts to destroy with an intensity that borders on insanity. War is his fuel, his oxygen. Despite his small stature he'll lead a charge into battle against robots many times his size, screaming for destruction with every microchip of his being. This single-minded obsession makes him a hard bot to associate with personally, but a frightening asset on the battlefield. His partner and brother, Rumble, is only too eager to back him up.

Frenzy's manic attack style and his "battle cry" make him difficult to get close to in combat, but cool and measured reaction to his wild ragings is usually the most effective strategy. His nickname is Maddog.

Rumble is your basic street punk: Small, but always acting tough as a cover. He's not exactly the most subtle of Soundwave's spies, but what he lacks in discretion, he makes up for by being the brawler of the group. He talks tough because he is tough. Quick-tempered and of a generally mean disposition, he follows Megatron eagerly, as the Decepticon leader lets him indulge in destruction. Rumble has a tendency to toss out a taunting rhyme at his enemies and is, according to Brawn, a "jerk".

As the Decepticon demolitions expert, Rumble loves nothing more than to break things apart. His arms can transform into powerful piledrivers that, when pounded against the ground, can cause earthquakes, usually with fissures. He can be easily overpowered in a one-on-one match, though the real challenge is actually getting to him first. Even if you do, you usually need to get through his brother Frenzy either before or after you get Rumble.

You can download the paper models here: Transformers G1 - SD Frenzy and Rumble Free Papercrafts Download