Toyota AA Paper Car Free Paper Model Download

Toyota AA Paper Car Free Paper Model Download


Toyota AA Paper Car Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper car is the Toyota AA, designed by Gazoo. The A1 was the first prototype passenger car built by the company that became Toyota. It was redesigned and put into production as Toyota's first production cars, the AA sedan and the AB cabriolet. These were succeeded by the similar AE, AC and BA sedans. The series as a whole was replaced by the quite different and much more advanced SA.

The AA was similar to the A1 prototypes with only minor changes. A total of 1,404 AA sedans were produced from 1936 until 1943, when the model was replaced by the more austere AC. A total of 353 AB phaetons, including the military ABR version, was produced until 1942. There was no direct replacement.

The AA was a fully enclosed 4-door sedan that largely copied the design of the Chrysler Airflow sedan. It had a metal body on a metal ladder chassis. The metal body was of modern construction compared to the fabric-over-wooden-frame bodies used on cars designed in the 1920s. The rear doors opened backwards. The front glass spanned the entire width of the body in a single pane.

The AB was identical to the AA except that it was a cabriolet with a folding cloth roof, the rear doors opened in the normal manner and the front glass could fold down onto the engine compartment. The mechanicals were the same as used in the A1 prototype. [Source: Wikipedia]

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