Touhou Project - Youmu Konpaku Paper Toy Graphig Template Free Download

Touhou Project - Youmu Konpaku Paper Toy Graphig Template Free Download


Touhou Project - Youmu Paper Toy Graphig Template Free DownloadThis touhou project paper toy “Youmu Konpaku” is designed by Ponta, and Graphig Template from Nasos. There is another Youmu papercraft at the site: Touhou Project – Youmu Konpaku Free Papercraft. Youmu Konpaku is a half-human half-phantom who lives at Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld as a gardener and fencing instructor. She first appeared as the Stage 5 boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the seventh installment of the Touhou Project, and has since become a recurring playable character.

In Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu has short silver hair worn in a bob cut, and bright red eyes. She wears a dark green and white dress with several ghost insignias along the edges and a ghost insignia as well on her breast pocket, and a black ribbon tied off-center in her hair. She carries the Roukanken; a long katana with a cherry blossom insignia and a flower attached to it, and the Hakurouken; a wakizashi. Her ghostly half is a formless white phantom as large as her human self.

In every later game, Youmu has slight design alterations such as white hair in Immaterial and Missing Power, eye color changes, and lighter green on her dress. It is also important to mention that in every game after Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu wears short sleeves.

As of Ten Desires, Youmu's appearance stays mostly the same, the only major change being her hair arranged in a messy style.

As a gardener attached to the Saigyouji family and the bodyguard of Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu is a swordsperson of a two-sword school of fencing.

The longer sword, carried from her left shoulder to her waist on the right side, is the Roukanken. It has been claimed to have been forged by youkai, and has the power to kill ten phantoms in one slice. The shorter sword on her left waist is the Hakurouken, which seems to be the heirloom of the Konpaku family, and can slice through people's confusion.

According to the Saigyouji family, Youmu is the second generation to take her position, the former generation being Youki Konpaku. Youki was Youmu's fencing shishou. Youmu is also Yuyuko's sword instructor, but she is fundamentally treated as a gardener.

She belongs to the subspecies of phantoms called the "half-human half-phantoms". Half-human half-phantoms are the mixed-race of phantoms and humans, which have a largish phantom accompanying them and a relativity long life span compared to humans. In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it says that "they are the lineage of mixed race between humans and phantoms", which means that even though they are a "mix", it doesn't mean they're born from a couple of human and phantom, but assumed that they're species that are born that way. The phantom that always follows them is called the "half-phantom", and they are the other half of their body. In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, it was supposed that Youmu's human half manipulates the phantom half consciously. Youmu's human half has a lower body temperature compared to normal humans, and her phantom half's body temperature is not so cold compared to normal phantoms. In the Imperishable Night manual, it was written, "she has two kinds of body: human and phantom," showing Youmu to be "human" and the phantom to be "phantom."

Half-human half-phantoms are long-lived, but in Seasonal Dream Vision, since it has still not been 60 years since the time she was born, in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she was not very knowledgeable about the "flower incident that occurs once every 60 years."

As she has a straightforward diligent personality, she is often manipulated by those around her. For this reason, she often fails at her task, but that does not mean that she has no real power, and she particularly excels at instantaneous force and concentration power. In Immaterial and Missing Power, as literally stated by the shishou, "truth-slashing is something which you know," so she often performs tsujigiri-like moves, but Suika Ibuki pointed out that she does not think that Youmu understood her shishou's teachings.

She has strong sensitivity, and in the good ending of Imperishable Night, her human half was unable to resist the insanity-inducing effects of the true Moon, causing her to become "half-insane". She is afraid of ghost stories, dares, and darkness, but she is calm around phantoms since she is half phantom herself. Much further on in Ten Desires, as a result of being mistaken as a hermit, she temporarily mistook herself as being a hermit.

In Perfect Cherry Blossom, she gathered all of Gensokyo's spring at Yuyuko's instruction, which was the reason Gensokyo's winter did not end. In Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red and Chapter 13 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, she took on the responsibility for collecting and returning the phantoms that wandered around Gensokyo as a result of the barrier of the Netherworld being thinned.

You can download this Touhou Project paper toy here: Touhou Project - Youmu Konpaku Paper Toy Graphig Template Free Download [PDF] [PDO]