Touhou Project Papercraft - Keine Kamishirasawa

Touhou Project Papercraft - Keine Kamishirasawa


Touhou Project Keine Kamishirasawa PapercraftAnother character from the Touhou Project game series, this is Keine Kamishirasawa - a were-hakutaku (half-human, half-beast) and stage 3 boss that appears in Imperishable Night. She has the ability to consume, conceal, and create history. On her human form, she works as a school teacher and acts as guardian of the human village.

Based on Japanese folklore, the hakutaku is a mythical and spiritual beast (quite intelligent) which particularly visits and advises only the greatest and most auspicious of rulers. The hakutaku often have horns, as you can see from the pic above. Keine has a distinguishing red ribbon tied to her left horn.

Touhou Project - Keine Kamishirasawa Papercraft

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