Touhou Project - Fujiwara no Mokou Free Doll Papercraft Template Download

Touhou Project - Fujiwara no Mokou Free Doll Papercraft Template Download


Touhou Project - Fujiwara no Mokou Free Doll Papercraft Template DownloadThis Touhou Project papercraft is the Fujiwara no Mokou, paper model is designed by Lili. There is another Fujiwara no Mokou paper craft (Chibi) at the site: Touhou Project Papercraft – Fujiwara no Mokou. Fujiwara no Mokou was formerly an ordinary human, but she became an immortal being after drinking the Hourai Elixir about 1300 years ago. Now she is never able to die, though she still feels the pain of injuries as normal. She's considered to be very powerful, given her long life, the power she earned through her life, and her immortal status since she can keep fighting until she can no longer stand the pain.

She has hated Kaguya ever since the moon princess humiliated Mokou's father by turning down his marriage proposal after he failed her trial of the Impossible Requests. Even though it has been over a thousand years since that happened, she continues to detest Kaguya, knowing full well that she can never get her revenge - nor can Kaguya ever put a permanent end to her. When not fighting with Kaguya, though, she aids the nearby villagers by exterminating youkai and will even guide them safely to Eientei for medical treatment. She is a loner by nature and chooses not to socialize with humans or youkai and has a dubious personality that can easily switch from friendly to threatening and back again, but her actions seem to indicate she may be a good person.

Mokou has red eyes and ankle-length pale violet hair. She wears a light brown shirt that appears as if it has been discolored from fire, and dark red overalls that are randomly decorated with paper charms. Her hair is tied with these same red and white paper charms.

The paper talismans on Mokou's pants and hair ribbons might be wards to protect her from being burned by fire. Her shirt, which lacks such talismans, appears to have been burnt repeatedly, while the ribbons and pants show no such wear.

In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, she is shown as having had short, dark hair when she was mortal. No explanation of this is given.

Mokou is one of the few people in all of Gensokyo to wear pants. This, along with her somewhat forceful way of speaking, often leads to her being depicted as something of a tomboy. However, because conditions in Gensokyo still resemble those of feudal Japan, pants are hard to come by and must be made by a skilled tailor or imported from the Outside World, and presumably are much more expensive than skirts. This may make pants a status symbol, and given Mokou's status as a daughter of the old Japanese aristocracy and her rugged lifestyle, it is natural for her to insist on wearing them.

Mokou is described as being a quiet person, and doesn't generally enjoy the company of others. However, she was easily roused during Imperishable Night's extra stage, where she goes on a rant about how annoying Kaguya is. Not much else is known about her as she doesn't really talk much to anyone. As a powerful human, one of her main jobs is youkai extermination, though she seems to be settling on guiding visitors to Eientei in and out of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, she is relieved that Kaguya appears to be staying on earth rather than returning to the moon, as the two of them are in the same mess of being immortal beings. Mokou also notes that one day she wants to travel to the top of the Youkai Mountain, presumably to see Iwanagahime, the goddess of immortality, and to apologize to her for what she did to Iwakasa.

Mokou has a body that cannot age and cannot die, having consumed the Hourai Elixir 1300 years ago. Another effect of this immortality is that her wounds heal very quickly, and even severe wounds regenerate within days. She can still feel pain, however.

Though never really described, Mokou appears to have some sort of control over fire. A lot of her spellcards also relate to the phoenix, the symbol of immortality, though this is most likely an artistic metaphor of Mokou's stylistic choice than the existence of an actual phoenix.

You can download the Touhou Project paper doll here: Touhou Project - Fujiwara no Mokou Free Doll Papercraft Template Download [4shared] [mediafire]