Touhou Project - Chibi Nazrin Free Doll Papercraft Download


Touhou Project - Chibi Nazrin Free Doll Papercraft DownloadThis Touhou Project paper doll is a chibi Nazrin, the papercraft is designed by SSN. Nazrin is a skilled dowser and the leader of a great number of mice. She was asked by Shou to look after the flying treasures. Getting a treasure reading, she descends from the flying ship, encounters the heroine, and is either provoked or forced to fight her. Later on, she encounters the heroine again in order to get the treasure. In fact, she is Shou's underling in trying to revive Hijiri. Although she fails in defeating the heroine, she is actually testing the pagoda before giving it to her master.

Nazrin is an Azerbaijani name meaning "wild rose"; however, ZUN may also have intended it to be a pun on mouse.

ZUN states in an interview that it made sense to have a mouse be the envoy of the Vaisravana; in the Chinese zodiac, the mouse represents north, as does Vaisravana.

Nazrin has gray hair and red eyes. She wears a brownish-black one-piece with pink sleeves and a gray capelet. She also wears a necklace with a crystal pendant. Carries dowsing rods with the letters for the cardinal directions on the ends. She also carries a mouse in a basket by her tail. When she appears as the Stage 5 midboss, she is carrying the jeweled pagoda of Bishamonten.

You can download the Touhou Project paper model here: Touhou Project - Chibi Nazrin Free Doll Papercraft Download [4shared]