Toto Neorest AH Washlet Papercraft


Toto Neorest AH Washlet Papercraft We literally go to the crapper with this one, TOTO Ltd. (inventor of the washletwashlet) has a papercraft of one of their innovative bidet toilets.

This papercraft is based on the Neorest AH type hybrid toilet, part of Toto's Hybrid Ecology System program. The Neorest AH is an environmentally friendly and tankless toilet with state-of-the-art tech. It has motion sensors that detect your presence and then open the lid, it can wash and dry your nether regions ^^, it will even flush the toilet afterwards and close the lid for you.

Basically, all you have to do is sit on this thing, press a few buttons, and it will automatically clean you up once you're done doing your business

Toto Neorest AH Washlet Papercraft

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