Toriko - Yun Free Paper Toy Download

Toriko - Yun Free Paper Toy Download


Toriko - Yun Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Yun, the baby Wall Penguin which was found by Komatsu in Ice Hell, from the manga series Toriko, the papercraft was created by idplus. Komatsu named Yun after the sound the little penguin made.

Yun is very energetic and cheerful, and like most baby Wall Penguins it tends to be very affectionate to those it encounters and is very innocent about its surroundings, however unlike most it is actually able to tell when a situation is dangerous and will easily be frightened by such events. It also cares deeply for Komatsu and always treats him with absolute kindness and affection, and vice versa. In the anime it is also shown to get along very well with Kruppoh, Tina's Carrier Balloon Pigeon. He also gain enough bravery to save Komatsu during the cooking fest war despite the danger.

It is a small baby Wall Penguin whose height barely reaches Komatsu's waist. It has bright pink and fluffy feathers with a dark pink spot in the middle of its belly and small beady black eyes. When fishing at Pot Pond, it wore a small saddlebag around its body which it used to keep Savorth Worms for fishing and snacking on. Later during the Cooking Festival, it is shown that he has grown to be about Komatsu's size and was even able to carry him on his back. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toy template here [Ctrl+F to serch "첨부파일" for download link]: Toriko - Yun Free Paper Toy Download