Torchlight 2 - Tundra Shrine Free Papercraft Download

Torchlight 2 - Tundra Shrine Free Papercraft Download


Torchlight 2 - Tundra Shrine Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Shrine, based on the game Torchlight II, the paper model is created by DarkTails. Torchlight II is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Runic Games. It is the sequel to Runic's 2009 ARPG, Torchlight, and features peer-to-peer multiplayer support and extended modding capabilities. A release for Mac OS is planned for some time after the PC release. Runic Games originally estimated the PC version's release date to be sometime in 2011, but in November 2011 company president Travis Baldree announced the game release date would be pushed back to 2012 to allow time for further polishing and a beta test.

Years after the end of the original Torchlight, The Alchemist gets corrupted by the Ember Blight coming from the Heart of Ordrak, the evil being who had been the source of the corruption under the town of Torchlight, and then destroys the town. The player character takes on a quest to stop this villain, who is using Ordrak's power to disturb the balance between the world's six elements.

As the game progresses, the player treks across large geographical areas, corresponding to three "acts" of the story and an epilogue. Act I is set in the mountainous Estherian Steppes, and Act II takes the player to a desert known as the Mana Wastes.

Like the original Torchlight, Torchlight II will feature randomly-generated dungeons for the player to explore, and numerous types of monsters to fight for experience and loot. Torchlight II maintains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor, but features overland areas with multiple hub towns, and a longer campaign. Other new features include time of day cycles, weather effects, and a redesigned user interface. Players will be able to customize character appearance with choice of sex, face, and hair style. Additionally, several elements from the first game will be returning, such as pets, fishing, and a retirement system.

You can download the game paper craft model here: Torchlight 2 - Tundra Shrine Free Papercraft Download [4shared-Mirror]