Toradora! - Tenori Tiger Papercraft

Toradora! - Tenori Tiger Papercraft


Toradora! - Tenori Tiger PapercraftWe're going to the big cats with thise one. Toradora! is a nine volume (currently) Japanese light novel that is under the romantic comedy genre. This Tenori Tiger papercraft represents one of the female characters, Aisaka Taiga (inset).

Toradora - Tenori Tiger Papercraft

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  1. please show me the link so i can download Tenori Taiga template... Thank you very much. I really love your work

  2. Hello, I was looking for the link for Toradora - Tenori Tiger Papercraft, but it seems to be broken. And I REALLY need to do this papercraft for a cosplay :( is there any way you can send the file to my email address? I would really appreciate it!

  3. Could you send me the file too because the link that is given said that the author took it down please send it to me my email this is for my gf