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!!More Paper Crafts, Paper Models and Paper Toys Topic!!


  1. hello so to bother you but my brother gets your daily email that shows new papercraft models i was wondering if you could email me it too thanks

  2. Please upload the link, or you can send my email on file for the model Great Mazinger Robot Paper Model Free? Please I beg you through my email and

  3. Me he hecho loco buscando gundam por favor enviame algunos ya que en mi país ni de plástico se pueden conseguir

  4. Greetings... hope you are well.
    Here I share something that I shared my facebook through... to clarify that it is not of my authorship and actually know where it has been or who performed it, but I thought it was very good model and hopefully you can tell who is the author. Spread it please and thank you for your attention.

    Download link:

  5. Hello, I would like to know the sizes or some guide that I need to use to print every model according of my preferences.

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