Reborn Papercrafts Collection

Reborn Papercrafts Collection

Reborn Papercrafts CollectionThis is a papercrafts collection topic. All of paper models and toys are based on the Japanese manga Reborn!, created by different designers. Reborn!, known in Japan as Katekyō Hitman Reborn! (家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! Katekyō Hittoman Ribōn!, "Katekyō" being a portmanteau of Katei Kyōshi and translated as Home Tutor), is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Akira Amano. The plot revolves around the life of a young boy named Tsunayoshi Sawada, who finds out that he is next in line to become the boss of the most powerful Mafia organization called Vongola, the Vongola Family. As such, the Vongola's most powerful hitman, a gun-toting infant named Reborn, is sent to tutor "Tsuna" on how to become a respectable boss.

Reborn! has become one of the best-selling Weekly Shōnen Jump manga with several of its volumes becoming top-sellers in Japan. Reviewers from the series praised its use of comedy as well as the designs used for the infant characters. They also mentioned that though it has become more violent since volume 8, it has turned into a more typical shōnen series, praising the storylines and the fights.

The Reborn! story revolves around a boy named Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, who is chosen to become the Vongola Family's boss due to him being the great-great-great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss, who had moved to Japan from Italy during his own time. He is told by Reborn that he will become the tenth Vongola boss. Also, the other candidates for the position of the head of the Vongola Family have died. For these reasons, Tsuna is the only remaining heir. As such, Timoteo a.k.a. "Vongola IX", the current head of the family, sends Reborn, an infant hitman from Italy, to train Tsuna. Tsuna then unwillingly undergoes training from Reborn. Reborn's main method of teaching Tsuna is the "Deathperate Bullet", which will make the person be "reborn" with a stronger self intent on fulfilling his dying will. Through his experiences, the initially clumsy and underachieving Tsuna unconsciously becomes stronger, more confident, and willing, which ultimately makes him better suited as the Vongola Family's boss despite continuing to reject his Mafia inheritance. He also starts making several friendships such as his crush Kyoko Sasagawa.

Tsuna goes through many predicaments in his progress of becoming the Vongola boss including fighting against escaped Mafia convicts posing as Kokuyo Junior High students. Later, The Varia, Vongola assassin squad, claim the right for their boss, Xanxus to be the true Vongola boss, and starts a competition with Tsuna to decide who would be the Vongola boss. To defeat the Varia, Reborn recruits most of Tsuna's schoolmates to become the Vongola guardians: Hayato Gokudera, an expert on dynamite who wishes to be his right-hand man, Takeshi Yamamoto, an athlete who likes baseball and thinks that the Mafia is a game, Ryohei Sasagawa, the energetic captain of the school boxing club and always goes to the most extreme, and Kyoya Hibari, the deadly head prefect. Lambo, a weak infant hitman who wants to kill Reborn, and also is very annoying, lazy, and spoiled, and Chrome Dokuro, a girl who has a mental and physical link with the criminal Mukuro Rokudo, joins them as well. Later, after defeating the Varia, Tsuna and his friends are transported to the future where they must face the Millefiore Family, who are annihilating the Vongola. They also find that all the Arcobaleno are dead except for Lal Mirch, who was the holder of the corrupted Pacifier. As Tsuna and the Vongola Guardians from his time fight the Millefiore they learn that Shoichi Irie, a comrade of Tsuna's future self, was the one who sent them to the future as the future Tsuna said they were the only ones who can defeat the Millefiore leader Byakuran. It is later revealed that Byakuran has gained knowledge from parallel worlds and that he wants to obtain all the Mafia rings in order to obtain a power similar to omniscience.

After defeating Byakuran, Tsuna and company return to the present where they learn that Tsuna is to undergo the inheritance ceremony to officially become Vongola X. However, the ceremony is attacked by the Shimon Family, who have sworn revenge on Vongola Primo for supposedly betraying the first Shimon boss. Armed with their new Vongola Gear, Tsuna confronts the Shimon family on a secluded island. The Mafia family, Vindice, are involved in the battle and imprison the losers of the feud. After several battles, it is revealed, Daemon Spade, an illusionist and guardian of the first generation of Vongola, was manipulating Shimon. He uses the conflict to take control of Mukuro's body and intends to conquer Vongola to remodel it to his image, but the combined strength of Tsuna and Shimon's leader, Enma Kozato, manages to defeat Daemon once and for all.

Afterwards, Reborn and the other Arcobaleno are offered a chance to compete against one another in order to undo the curse inflicted upon them. Each Arcobaleno chooses a representative to fight for them, and the winner will have a chance to undo the curse. However, the Vindice enter the fight and reveal to Reborn and Tsuna that the tournament is actually a front for the selection of a new Arcobaleno, while the previous Arcobaleno are discarded to either die, or become Vindice themselves. Unable to accept the method, Tsuna formed alliance with the entire remaining teams to defeat Bermuda and the Vindice. During the last day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, Tsuna defeats Bermuda and his team, making his team won the Representative Battle. Checker Face, the ringleader behind the Curse of the Rainbow that inflicted upon the Arcobaleno, reveals himself and disclosed his true identity as Kawahira as he tells them the truth behind the Tri-ni-set. Finally finding another solution to keep the Tri-ni-set safe and Yuni's concision, Kawahira agreed to remove the curse inflict upon the Arcobaleno and entrust the safety of the Tri-ni-set to the future generations. After the events in the Arcobaleno Battle Reborn asks Tsuna to make a decision and become the tenth head of the Vongola Family, which Tsuna refuses. Reborn leaves since he has no business again with Tsuna. A week after Reborn's departure, Tsuna realises that he is still No-Good Tsuna and states that nothing has changed. However, Reborn then comes back, declaring that he will train Tsuna into Neo-Vongola Primo, which is similar to becoming Vongola Decimo. Remembering that now he has friends that he could rely on and finally understood that he did change from everything that he has experienced, he realised that everything was all thanks to his tutor and partner, The Home Tutor Hitman Reborn. [Source: wiki]

Reborn – Hayato Gokudera Free Cube Craft

Hayato Gokudera

Reborn – Ryohei Sasagawa Free Cube Craft

Ryohei Sasagawa

Reborn – Chrome Dokuro Free Cube Craft

Chrome Dokuro

Reborn – Reborn Free Cube Craft


Reborn – Takeshi Yamamoto Free Cube Craft

Takeshi Yamamoto

Reborn – Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Cube Craft

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Reborn – Kyoya Hibari Free Cube Craft

Kyoya Hibari

Reborn – Lambo 10 Years Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

Lambo 10 Years

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – G. Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Reborn – Mukuro Rokudo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

Mukuro Rokudo

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Spanner Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Takeshi Yamamoto Cube Craft

Takeshi Yamamoto

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Fabio Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Reborn – Chibi Flan Free Papercraft

Chibi Flan

Reborn – Chibi Superbi Squalo Free Papercraft

Chibi Superbi Squalo

Reborn – Chibi Belphegor Free Papercraft

Chibi Belphegor

Reborn – Chibi Lambo Free Papercraft

Chibi Lambo

Reborn – Chibi Ryohei Sasagawa Free Papercraft

Chibi Ryohei Sasagawa

Reborn – Chibi Chrome Dokuro Free Papercraft

Chibi Chrome Dokuro

Reborn – Chibi Mukuro Rokudo Free Papercraft

Chibi Mukuro Rokudo

Reborn – Chibi Kyoya Hibari Free Papercraft

Chibi Kyoya Hibari

Reborn – Chibi Uri Free Papercraft

Chibi Uri

Reborn – Chibi Hayato Gokudera Free Papercraft

Chibi Hayato Gokudera

Reborn – Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Papercraft

Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada

Reborn – Chibi Dino Free Papercraft

Chibi Dino

Reborn – Chibi Takeshi Yamamoto Free Papercraft

Takeshi Yamamoto

Reborn – Chibi Spanner Free Papercraft

Chibi Spanner

Reborn – Chibi Shoichi Irie Free Papercraft

Shoichi Irie

Reborn – Chibi Bluebell Free Papercraft

Chibi Bluebell

Reborn – Chibi Byakuran Free Papercraft

Chibi Byakuran

Reborn – Chibi Mammon / Viper Free Papercraft

Mammon / Viper

Reborn – Chibi Xanxus Free Papercraft

Chibi Xanxus

Reborn – Chibi Ginger Bread Free Papercraft

Chibi Ginger Bread

Reborn – Chibi Hayato Gokudera Ver.2 Free Papercraft

Hayato Gokudera V2

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Chibi Tsunayoshi Sawada Free Paper Toy

Tsunayoshi Sawada V2

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Chibi Superbi Squalo Ver.2 Free Paper Toy

Superbi Squalo V2

Reborn – Chibi Lal Mirch Free Paper Toy

Chibi Lal Mirch

Reborn! – Mukuro Rokudo Cube Craft Ver.2 Free Paper Toy

Mukuro Rokudo Cube Craft

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Vongola Primo Giotto Free Cube Craft

Vongola Primo Giotto

Reborn – Colonnello Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Superbi Squalo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

Superbi Squalo

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Zakuro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Daisy Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Byakuran Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Bluebell Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Xanxus Cube Craft Free Paper Toy


Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Hayato Gokudera Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

Hayato Gokudera

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Xanxus Cube Craft Ver.2 Free Paper Toy

Xanxus V2