Haunted Paper Models Topic

Haunted Paper Models Topic

Haunted Paper Models TopicThis is a paper models topic about haunted. Most papercrafts are haunted houses, they are buildings believed to be a centre for supernatural occurrences. The prototype of these models are mostly from Disney's Haunted Mansion. This theme is a little scary, but also along with stimulating and interesting. Hope you like them.

P.S. Disney's Haunted Mansion:

Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion was one of the final projects that Walt worked on before his death. Combining both old school illusions with new technology, The Haunted Mansion has been a Disney staple for nearly 40 years.

After years of speculations, revisions and plethora of urban legends, the flagship attraction opened at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1969. Originally envisioned as a walk through attraction, the attraction took advantage of the new Omni-Mover system that would allow guests to ride through the attraction while speakers embeded in the car, or in this case - a Doom Buggy, would narrate the attraction.

Since its opening at Disneyland, other versions of the attraction have appeared at other Disney Parks, yet all have remained fairly faithful to the original attraction.

Haunted Paper Model – Liberty Square (Magic Kingdom)

Liberty Square

Haunted Paper Model – New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square

Haunted Paper Model – Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor

Haunted Paper Model – Entrance Pillar to the Liberty Square

Entrance Pillar

Haunted Paper Model – Leota’s Tombstone

Leota’s Tombstone

Haunted Paper Model – Master Gracey’s Tombstone

Master Gracey’s Tombstone

Haunted Paper Model – Phantom Manor Entrance Pillar

Phantom Manor Entrance Pillar

Haunted Paper Model – The Crypts

The Crypts

Haunted Paper Model – The Conservatory Coffin

Conservatory Coffin

Haunted Paper Model – The Bates House

Bates House

Haunted Paper Model – Good Old Fred’s Tombstone

Good Old Fred’s Tombstone

Haunted Paper Model – Mini New Orleans Square Haunted Mansion

Mini New Orleans Square

Haunted Paper Model – Torre del Cielo

Torre del Cielo

Haunted Paper Model – The Infamous Amityville

Infamous Amityville

Haunted Paper Model – ScreamHouse: Resurrection

ScreamHouse: Resurrection

Haunted Paper Model – PsychoScareapy


Haunted Paper Model – The Skoolhouse