Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts Download

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts Download

These papercrafts are designed by Martin Sänger.

About Buck Rogers:
Buck Rogers was a disappointing attempt to revive the old Universal Studios property of the same name. Based on the popular comic strip and later film serial, this production brought little new to the screen and did that with allot less charm that the originals. The new Buck Rogers was a true failure in every sense of the word. Even though blessed with an outstanding cast and state-of-the-art special effects, it seemed incapable of managing the slightest bit of worthwhile content. When things were really starting to go down hill for the show a change of setting was used (Starship-based deep space exploration) in a feeble attempt to bolster ratings. Even female lead Erin Gray was forced to wear skimpy miniskirt costume designs so bad they were even insulting to the male viewers. It was pretty clear that, inspite of the big budget pilot (released in Europe as a theatrical movie as well as in the U.S. on a limited basis), the producers had no clear idea who their audience really was. Not "campy" enough to qualify as a true tongue-in-cheek spoof, not serious enough to rate as Science Fiction and it was not true enough to the original comic strip to rate as "period" sci-fi. This is particularly sad for male lead Gil Gerard who seemed to make the character his own and delivered top notch performances of regrettably low grade material. The show staggered on but in the end, even low budgets weren't low enough, the show was canceled.

About Thunderfighters:
One outstanding piece of work was the main vehicle in the show, the Thunder Fighter. Once again the Universal art department proved that it was capable of turning out first-class work that was both original and on-budget. Like most TV spacecraft the Thunder Fighter is really two craft, one is a miniature used for special effects purposes and the other is a full-scale alter ego. I must say that of all the studio built craft I've seen over the years, the Thunder Fighter was magnificent! True, like all Hollywood designs, it was not "realistic" in the sense that it did not have features that an actual spacecraft would have but in terms of "style" it had allot going for it. And it was executed with an unbelievable level quality. The first time I climbed up on that mock-up and pulled open the canopy I couldn't believe the lengths they had gone to to build that thing. The cockpit looked absolutely real. Each instrument carefully placed and individually labeled. The seat was fully upholstered and complete with four point restraining harnesses. Standing there looking at it you could not tell that it was not an actual cockpit. Someone should really step forward and take a bow for that piece of work. Unfortunately I never got photos of the cockpit or the mock-up until it had be converted to the four place version and left out in the elements for some time. This is a shame because it really showed what an inspired group of talented Hollywood craftsmen are capable of. My hat is off to you, whoever you are.[Source: cloudster.com]

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Thunderfighter - original

Thunderfighter Papercraft

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Warhawk - original

Warhawk Papercraft

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Thunderfighter David Jones Concept

David Jones Concept

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Thunderfighter Quad


Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Thunderfighter Mk. III advanced

Mk. III advanced

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Thunderfighter Mk. III retro

Mk. III retro

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - HBB Starfighter

HBB Starfighter Papercraft

Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Papercrafts - Cockpit Interior & Landing Gear

Cockpit Interior &
Landing Gear