All Pokemon Papercraft Templates Collection

All Pokemon Papercraft Templates Collection

This is a complete list of Pokemon papercrafts, paper models and paper toys. This list is the most complete numbered list appearing in the games, covering all of the 718 Pokémon in the order dictated by the National Pokédex.

List [Ctrl+F to search which pokemon do you want to have, then click it, you will find download link on sub-page.]:

The first 151 Pokémon, introduced in Red and Green, have Kanto Pokédex numbers, which are the same as the first 151 National Pokédex numbers.

Another 100 appeared in Gold and Silver, and were combined with the originals to make a new list of 251 for the Johto regional Pokédex. The Hoenn regional Pokédex included 67 of these, alongside 135 new species that debuted in Ruby and Sapphire, bringing the total to 386.

Finally, the fourth generation combined 81 of the 107 new creatures from Diamond and Pearl with 70 of the old ones to form the new regional Pokédex. Pokémon may also be listed by their numbers in the "Ranger Browser", a Pokédex-like device used by the Pokémon Rangers of Fiore, or grouped into "families" of the Pokémon they evolve from and into.

In Black and White, a record of 156 new Pokémon were revealed, beating the record of 151 new Pokémon that was introduced in Generation I. The Unova Pokedex brings the total number of Pokemon to 649.

In X and Y, has however the least Pokémon of all generations with only 69, bringing the number of existing species of Pokemon up to 718.


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