Tootsie Roll Man Free Paper Toy Download


Tootsie Roll Man Free Paper Toy DownloadDo you remember Tootsie Roll? This paper toy is a Tootsie Roll Man, designed by Phils. Tootsie Rolls are an indescribable chewable form of candy often associated with chocolate, taffy, caramel, and memories of cold treacherous walks to and from elementary school. The lovable treat is a world wide phenomenon that can be found in every country on earth and most grandmother's purses. Indestructible, heat resistant, and water proof, Tootsie Rolls are cherished by store owners for their infinite shelf life and enormous profit margin. Tootsie sales account for 85% of candy sales worldwide and 4% of total food consumed. The candy first "grew" to popularity in the 1950's. Tootsie Rolls have become as American as apple pie, crackerjacks, Elvis Presley, Baseball, and Premarital sex. You can download this paper craft from here: Tootsie Roll Man Free Paper Toy Download