Tomb Raider Legend - Excalibur Free Papercraft Download

Tomb Raider Legend - Excalibur Free Papercraft Download


Tomb Raider Legend - Excalibur Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is a Excalibur, an artefact, once belonged to the semi-mythical King Arthur, also the strongest weapon in the game, killing enemies with one hit, based on the video game Tomb Raider Legend (Tomb Raider 7) series, the papercraft model was created by saschacraft. The Excalibur sword has an unlimited range.

The sword is a key to opening two portals, located at Nepal and Tiwanaku, which lead to a mysterious foreign dimension called Avalon. If the sword is pulled out while connected to the portal, the portal will explode, as Lara discovered in Nepal. Each individual piece can give the bearer the powers of levitation as well as the ability to produce concentrations of energy, which can be focused and used as a weapon. The pieces can also give the powers of regeneration, thus replenishing the bearer's health.

When the sword is pieced together, it can produce balls of energy from its tip, when it is swung. These balls of energy fly with high velocity and are very dangerous. When an enemy is struck by the sword or the balls of energy, they are immediately killed.

There are primarily two legends when it comes to the origins of the sword. The first is that Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur from a stone, an act which prophecy stated could only be performed by the rightful king of England. The other, and the one presumed right at the beginning of Tomb Raider Legend, is, that the Lady of the Lake handed Arthur the sword, after he pulled another Sword from a stone. As he lay dying, King Arthur requested that one of his trusted knights, Sir Bedivere, throw the sword into the lake. After some initial hesitation, he did so, and the lake re-claimed the sword.

You can download this paper craft template here: Tomb Raider Legend - Excalibur Free Papercraft Download