TinPlate-Syle Store Free Building Paper Model Download


TinPlate-Syle Store Free Building Paper Model DownloadThis building paper model is a TinPlate-Syle Store Fronts, designed by Howard Lamey and Paul Race. This includes not only a papercraft template, but also includes a tutorial with detailed demonstration of the production and tips.

What You Will Need

  • Clean solid cardboard, such as from cereal boxes or posterboard. I especially like to use a thick cardboard, like the back of a writing tablet.
  • Thick, clean cardboard or foam core for the base and roof
  • Corrogated cardboard or foam core board for the foundation
  • A sharp mat knife or Xacto knife
  • Elmer's white Glue-All. A glue stick would also come in handy.
  • Several sheets of acid-free white bond paper
  • Light card stock for printing the graphics (optional)
  • Gray paint for the base
  • Acrylic paint or markers for the exposed edges of the cardboard.
  • Access to the Internet and a color printer.
  • Clear glossy acrylic finish to help give a metallic appearance and protect the graphics when you are finished.[via littleglitterhouses]

You can download this building paper model from here: TinPlate-Syle Store Free Building Paper Model Download