Time Gremlins Paper Sculptures

Time Gremlins Paper Sculptures


Tick & Tock with CuckooDavid Landis (Landis Productions) has added new characters to their Desktop Gremlins paper sculptures called Time Gremlins. It's for cool people, so that means if you're reading this and you're following Paperkraft then you're already part of the cool crowd ^_^

What they can do is slow down or speed up the present. So if you’re under a tight deadline and ask really nice, they might let you have an extra fifteen minutes to get your project done. But don’t cross them! Time will fly when you don’t want it to and slow to a crawl when you’re bored.

The Time Gremlins is comprised of brothers Tick (lean tall) and Tock (short stubby) along with their bird pet, Cuckoo. There's also some cool concept art / sketches if you want to find out how the Time Gremlins came to fruition.

Time Gremlins Paper Sculptures

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