Tiger & Bunny - Wild Tiger Helmet Free Papercraft Download

Tiger & Bunny - Wild Tiger Helmet Free Papercraft Download


Tiger & Bunny - Wild Tiger Helmet Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper craft is Wild Tiger's helmet, based on the anime series , the papercraft was created by gankutsu-o-taku. Wild Tiger (aka Kotetsu T. Kaburagi) is one of the series' main protagonists and a superhero veteran whose lack of regard for collateral property damage when fighting against crime earned him the nickname the "Crusher for Justice". He starts the series as one of the least popular heroes of Sternbild City, but he seems to care more about the people he helps than ratings, points, or fame.

At age 10, he was present during an attempted bank robbery which was foiled by the superhero veteran Mr. Legend.

One of the criminals took Kotetsu hostage and the latter activated his NEXT powers out of stress and fear, sending his captor flying across the room. Kotetsu believed that anyone who touched him while his power was active would be hurt, but Mr. Legend convinced him otherwise and told him that his power was meant to save people. The encounter inspired Kotetsu to later become a hero himself.

During his high school years, Kotetsu became known for never having lost a fight and drew the attention of Antonio, a then-gang leader from the next town over. Though Antonio repeatedly called Kotetsu out to fight him, it wasn't until the members of his gang kidnapped Kotetsu's classmate Tomoe to use as bait. Kotetsu was surprised to discover upon arriving at the gang's location that Antonio was a NEXT, but the two fought regardless. After a while, having reached a standstill, it was revealed that Antonio hadn't known of Tomoe's kidnapping and both boys demanded to know where she was being kept.

The warehouse pointed out by the gang members suddenly burst into flames, and Kotetsu used his powers to rescue Tomoe. When Antonio asked why Kotetsu hadn't used his powers during their fight, Kotetsu stated that he had decided only to use his powers to save people, like a true hero. The encounter led Antonio to choose a similar path - deciding only to use his powers to protect people - and the two met repeatedly after that, still trying to determine which was stronger while also becoming fast friends.

Tomoe would later go on to become Kotetsu's wife, and they had a daughter named Kaede. However, Tomoe passed away five years prior to the series' start from an illness, leaving Kotetsu lonely.

Kotetsu's Hundred Power increases his physical capabilities such as strength, speed, and jumping abilities, by a hundredfold for five minutes at a time. After those five minutes, he must rest for one hour before activating it again. Barnaby has stated that Kotetsu has strong endurance, and Kotetsu has above-average physical ability due to a daily/weekly exercise regiment. This is demonstrated when he was able to lift a tree without his powers to save Kaede. Kotetsu's attacking forte is in punching, which would indicate that he has the greater strength and endurance of the pair.

With his Hundred Power activated, he is able to punch through walls as well as lift an entire section of train rail and tie it into a knot. He can withstand a bullet wound to the chest at point-blank range with only minimal injury and even taking a flaming crossbolt to the shoulder isn't enough to incapacitate him. During the hero battles, though he appeared to heal himself 100 times faster using his NEXT ability, in reality it was just a ruse and he was far from recovered when he went to help Barnaby. His signature attack is the "Wild Roar", which appears to push back an opponent with a burst of energy and is generally used right when Kotetsu activates his Hundred Power.

Recently, his powers seemed to have dramatically increased, but it was revealed that his powers now fade sooner than normal, by increasing intervals. It's been stated that, as with a small percentage of NEXT, Kotetsu's powers will continue diminishing and likely fade away entirely. As Kotetsu's glow changes to orange when he has one of these increases in power, it could mean he is developing a second power like Jake. When experiencing a power increase, Kotetsu has difficulty controlling his movements and ends up jumping farther or running faster than he had intended to do.

Like Mr. Legend, his NEXT powers are declining reducing the supposed time-limit from five-minute to one-minute.

You can download this paper model template here: Tiger & Bunny - Wild Tiger Helmet Free Papercraft Download